Welcome, I'm Jaymee Anne

Lets work together to make moments become forever memories

I am your dedicated storyteller, capturing the essence of your special day with a unique blend of creativity and passion. As your cheerleader, I am here to celebrate every joyous moment, ensuring your love story is beautifully told. Consider me not just your photographer, but your best friend, capturing the laughter, tears, and everything in between. Let's embark on this photographic journey together, creating timeless memories that last a lifetime.
See below for some Fun facts about me!


I am a mama of two beautiful kiddos and a wife to my amazing hubby of 6 years. I always love going on new adventures with them


I have four tattoos that all have a special meaning being them. Ask me about them at our session!


I have an educational background in Child and Youth Work.

I used my CYW and work as an EA for 10 years. I left my full time permanent position to pursue my Photography dream, but I am still on the supply list!


I always had a camera in hand, even as a young kid (Yes it was film). Even back then I loved to capture moments for people and nature shots.